Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lost song found!

It was thought that Wade Baxter had not produced another song after coming out of rehab in 1987 but the Archive has recently discovered the demo recording of a Baxter song entitled (Give Me Back My) Sleepless Nights, recorded soon after Baxter cleaned up his act.  The recording features a piano solo from freeform jazz legend Blind Willie Wilkinson.  So sit back and enjoy -

Written and performed by C Wilkinson.  Piano solo by Blind Willie Wilkinson.  Backing blues track from StevieSnacks Free Blues Backing Tracks -  50 Blues Licks - track 5 B  retrieved from: http://steviesnacks.com/free-blues-backing-tracks

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Imaginary Music Library presentation - Wade Baxter, the man, the music, the haircuts, the collection

As a way of introduction, for the man who needs no introduction, the Library has put together a short presentation on Wade Baxter's life and work with a tempting brief sample of the sort of things you can see and do when coming to the Imaginary Music Library.  Baxter was one half entertainer, one half musical genius, and one half loving family man.  His life was a riddle wrapped in a fortune cookie but the Library can start you on a voyage of discovery into the life and work of the man they called "The Music"...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Recent sightings of Baxter?

I am aware that there have been various reported sightings of Baxter since his funeral last month in places such as Albany Mall and Crown Hill Fish and Chip Shop.  As with all the greats such as Elvis and Jim Morrison I think such "sightings" come down to people simply wanting to believe that these great men are still with us.  His body was identified by his ex-wife Ebony Firecracker and with his name tattooed on the knuckles of his hands (with the E and R of Baxter on the little finger due to a miscalculation with letters and fingers) there seems little doubt that he did not, as the rumours are suggesting fake his death for tax purposes.  Unless you know better?  Feel free to take part in the poll opposite.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flowers at the Library

Much as it is great to see fans placing flowers outside the Library in memory of the great man, Wade suffered very badly from hayfever so made a request in his will that all flower money be used to support the following institution - scene of the infamous 1977 gig where live on stage Baxter allegedly ripped the heart out of an artichoke:


Email details for the fans and library users

Great to see some of the fans have already found the site.  Excited to hear of possible donations - thanks yodaobi - particularly excited to hear about three unpublished songs and a lock of Baxter's hair - yes we do accept donations.  No Facebook page at the moment but that should be coming over the coming weeks.  The Library's email address is


News from the Library and a link

Exciting news from the Library - I'm hoping at some stage to join the Association of Rural & Small Libraries - otherwise known as ARSL.  I'm investigating if it is possible to get ARSL T-shirts.  I will let you know.  In the meantime here's the link:


Welcome to the Imaginary Music Library

Welcome to the Imaginary Music Library - New Zealand's new ficticious library created to satisfy the assignment needs of Victoria University of Wellington's 525 course in Digital Technologies.

This small but perfectly formed library has been created from the donation by the music-obsessed legend that was Wade ("The Music") Baxter of his entire music collection built up through the years of his involvement in the global music industry together with images and memorabilia from his life.

From lowly beginnings Baxter, aged 15, formed the seminal band The Legion of Indecency. Despite numerous fall-outs, band member deaths, and law suits, the band obtained legendary status. A solo career followed where Baxter brought together the teachings of his mentor - Baba Baba - and the ancient Tibetan music produced with an instrument formed from the stomach lining of a yak - to extraordinary effect in the eight album cycle called More Songs About Me.

He then slid into obscurity and depression before re-emerging as a judge on the popular TV show Sad Delusional Talentless Teenagers. A whole new audience was now exploring the life, music, and teachings of Baxter. His autobiography followed - the award-winning Yes, its all true (well, most of it anyway).  He decided to share his music collection with the world and this library was formed called - with a nod to his classic album Imaginary Me - the Imaginary Music Library.

Soon after making this donation Baxter met an untimely death as the result of being buried in the sand while constructing what he described as his Super Cool Cave on Takapuna Beach. His last wish was that a blog be set up to discuss music, compare favourite music lists (and obsessive hobby of Baxter's) and to promote the library, his legacy to the world.

Where can you find the Library:

1 Syd Barrett Road
New Zealand

Opening hours:

Monday    12 - 6
Tuesday   12 - 6
Thursday  12 - 6
Friday       12 - 6

(It was Wade's wish that, as he was never personally up before midday that the library should not be open before 12pm and that it should be closed so that everyone can get to the pub by 6pm)

                                        Photo: Clive Wilkinson